20 Best Coupon Apps to Save Money

offre speciale 20 Best Coupon Apps to Save Money

It’s mind-boggling to think about how much has changed in the past ten years. Most people didn’t even own a smartphone back then, and now they’re everywhere! Download one or more of the best coupon apps for extra savings on things you need.

These handy devices not only help you communicate with others and figure out how to get from here to there, but they also help you save money. Gone are the days of clipping (and losing) coupons from the newspaper.

Instead, you can use a variety of amazing – and free – best coupon apps to put money back in your pocket.

Plus, with the use of location settings on your mobile device, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the best deals at the stores where you’re already shopping.

And with notifications enabled, these best coupon apps can give you a “heads up” on when to use your favorite offers before they expire.

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Top Coupon Apps

If you’re looking to save on groceries, online purchases, or just get a little cash back, one or more of these best coupon apps is sure to meet your needs.


Ibotta home page

Ibotta rises to the top of this list because it can be used for just about every purchase you make, whether you’re picking up bread at the grocery store or shopping for clothes on Amazon.

You won’t see the savings at the time of purchase; rather, you’ll see the savings accumulate in a cashback account.

If you’re shopping in-store, simply browse the list of offers available, shop, and upload a photo of your receipt. You can also link your store loyalty cards to the account to skip the receipt scanning step.

Think beyond groceries – Ibotta also offers cash back at restaurants, convenience stores, movies, pharmacies, and more.

And before shopping online, check Ibotta to see if they offer cashback at the store of your choice, then click through the app to get automatic cash back.

Their newest feature, Pay with Ibotta, gets you instant cashback on your purchase at a variety of retailers.

Once your cashback earned hits $20, you can cash out and enjoy money in your pocket!

2. Rakuten

You’ve probably heard of Rakuten for online shopping, but their app makes it even easier to save while you’re on the go. Browse the selection of stores to shop via the app, use the coupon codes available in the app, and get cashback in your account.

To use the app for in-store shopping, simply link a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card to your account to get cash back on purchases made in-store.

I like that with this option you don’t even have to keep track of which stores are offering cashback via Rakuten; all you have to do is shop normally with your linked card and you’ll see the savings pile up in your account.

Cash-out whenever your account hits $5.01 or greater.

3. Upside

Upside is a new and free cash back app that rewards users with cash back at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Once you download the app, browse the map to find cash-back offers at establishments near you. When you find one you want to use, you’ll need to “Check In” at the location, then pay with a linked credit or debit card.

They also give you the option of scanning and uploading your receipt if you’d prefer.

With Upside, users can earn up to 25¢ per gallon cash back on gas, up to 45% cash back at restaurants, and up to 30% cash back at grocery stores. Wowza!

BONUS: Use the coupon code AFF25 when you register to get a signup bonus of 25¢ per gallon!

4. Shopkick

Shopkick home page

Shopkick rewards you for shopping both in-store and online and also gives you points (a.k.a. kicks) just for walking into popular stores or browsing around and scanning product barcodes.

You don’t even need to make a purchase, but if you do, you can scan your receipt to earn kicks that way.

Of course, you can also shop through the app to get kicks on your online purchases and link your Visa or MasterCard payment card to get kicks on your in-store purchases.

The bonuses from just walking around and browsing make this a fun one if you have a little extra time to kill in a store.

Use your kicks to cash out to select gift cards (Amazon, Target, and more) when your kicks reach 500 or more, depending on the gift card option you choose.

BONUS: Use the code COUPONPROJECT at signup to get a FREE $5 gift card!

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5. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that helps you save while you shop online, but it also has a mobile app!

When you shop online from your phone, start in this app first to find deals and savings from your favorite brands.

My favorite feature of Capital One Shopping is that it automatically finds and applies coupon codes to your cart before you check out. Seriously, it’s so easy!

As you shop, you’ll earn rewards from different stores that you can later convert into gift cards.

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6. Coupons.com

Coupons.com homepage

Coupons.com is a favorite for grocery shoppers who want to save a little extra, and it works similarly to the best coupon apps mentioned above.

Browse the list of stores to find your favorites, add the paperless coupons you want to use, and then either use your loyalty card at checkout or scan your receipt to get cashback.

If you still like the feel of paper
coupons in your hand, Coupons.com can help with that, too. View the available
offers on the app, then “clip” and print coupons to a Wi-Fi printer or email
them to yourself to print from your desktop computer when you get the chance.

There is no minimum threshold for cashback – you can do it anytime!

7. Honey

Besides being a popular Chrome extension, Honey has an app that helps you save while shopping online.

It automatically finds promo codes for you from their huge database, watches free shipping thresholds, and lets you check out at several retailers with a single cart.

Honey also keeps track of products you’re
interested in buying and lets you know when they drop in price.

Once you reach 1,000 Gold ($10), you’ll be able to cash out and receive your choice of gift card from a variety of popular retailers.

8. Amazon

Everyone knows about Amazon, but not everyone knows that Amazon offers coupons on select products. Do a quick search for “Coupons” in the Amazon app and you’ll find a huge variety of coupons you can clip and redeem.

Many of these coupons work with additional discounts like Subscribe & Save and Prime Pantry.

Besides the coupons, the Amazon app helps keep tabs on when deals on your Watchlist items pop up as well as when your ordered items are set to arrive.

9. Groupon

Groupon is a fantastic app to have while you’re out and about, whether you’re looking for a new restaurant in your hometown or you’re traveling and want to find a good deal on a local attraction or hotel stay.

With the app, you can search, purchase, and redeem vouchers right from your phone, no printing necessary.

You can even shop the Groupon Goods section of the app for unique deals on home goods, fashion for the whole family, electronics, and lots more.

There’s also a Groupon+ option that allows you to save at your favorite merchants by linking eligible cards to your Groupon account.

Browse the cashback offers, choose the deals you want, and spend as normal. Once you do, you’ll see the cashback savings on your next credit card statement.

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10. SnipSnap

SnipSnap home page

SnipSnap is a coupon sharing app in which you can “snap” a picture of a paper coupon you’ve received and “snip” it to use in the store later.

The app converts the barcode from your picture into a digital barcode that can be scanned in the store. You’ll never forget your coupons at home with this app!

Many times, these coupons can be shared with other users. Search the SnipSnap database for valid coupons that have been shared for use by you and other shoppers.

11. Checkout 51

If you live in the middle of nowhere, you may be frustrated by some of these coupon apps that are tied to a specific store. That’s not the case with Checkout 51 as most of their offers can be redeemed at any store (although they do have some store-specific grocery offers).

To use Checkout 51, just browse the list of offers and add the ones you’re interested in, buy the products at the store, and upload your receipt.

Offers are limited and are updated on Thursdays, so you’ll want to check the app on Thursdays to claim the ones you’re interested in.

Once your account balance reaches $20, you can request a check.

12. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is one of the biggest names out there in coupon code websites, and they also have an app to help you save from your mobile device. Search by store, brand, or category to save on everything from movie night to pizza delivery to clothes for the kids.

This app lets you know about current sales and also offers online cashback at many retailers. You can even purchase gift cards at a discount and get instant cashback.

Maximize your time waiting in line and browse for a gift card while you wait, then use it to pay once you get to the register.

13. Target

You might think that the Target app is just another way to feed your Target addiction by allowing you to shop from your phone, and while that might be true, you can also use the app to save.

You can, of course, browse the weekly ad and use the app to shop online, but you’ll see some additional savings when you browse the Circle offers section.

The app is simple to use: just browse the available Circle offers and add them to your list, then scan the barcode at the register to have the savings applied to your purchase.

Or as you’re shopping in the store, scan the barcode of each item to see if there are any applicable Circle offers for that item.

Circle is mostly used for in-store purchases, but you can also apply the savings to online purchases as long as you select Drive Up or Order Pickup.

14. GasBuddy

GasBuddy has seriously evolved since it first came on the scene as a price-comparison app for gas stations.

Yes, it’s still updated by its users to help you find the lowest prices at gas stations near you, but now there’s a Pay with GasBuddy feature you can sign up for to save 5¢ or more per gallon every time you fill up.

Use your Pay with GasBuddy card to save at 95% of the fuel stations nationwide. Save even more when you sign up for a Plus or Premium membership for as low as $4.99/month.

You can also shop through select online retailers to have “GasBack” added to your Pay with GasBuddy account.

15. Dosh

Dosh home page

Dosh is super easy to use – just link your credit and debit cards and you’ll earn up to 10% cashback in your account when you pay with your linked card at thousands of stores and restaurants.

The savings isn’t automatic as you will
need to “unlock” the offers that you choose, but once they’re unlocked, all you
have to do is shop. Besides the normal retail stores, you can also save at lots
of area restaurants.

Cash out once your balance reaches a minimum of $25.

16. GoodRx

Whether you frequently need prescriptions filled or you’re only an occasional visitor to the pharmacy, you’re no doubt aware that the cost of prescriptions can add up quickly. GoodRx helps you find the best price for whatever prescription you need.

Simply search to find the lowest local prices for your prescriptions and show the GoodRx coupons in the app to your pharmacist when you pick up your prescription. These coupons are free to use and are accepted at virtually every U.S. pharmacy.

17. Flipp

There is no need to keep the paper ads you get from the newspaper or in the mail; just use Flipp to keep track – digitally – of all the latest savings in your area.

Besides browsing the ads, you can also save items to your shopping list and load coupons to select store loyalty cards.

18. Fetch Rewards

Put the kids to work scanning receipts with this app: Fetch Rewards is all about the receipts. There’s no clipping coupons or adding offers in advance, just scan your receipt and you’ll earn points every time you purchase any of their 250+ participating brands.

Besides scanning receipts, you can earn points
when you link your account to select online retailers (Amazon, Target, etc.).

As you collect points, you can redeem them on various gift card rewards.

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19. CoinOut

CoinOut home page

CoinOut is an app that offers users cash back anywhere. You’ll get rewarded with real cash just for scanning your receipt.

You don’t need to find specific deals or take the time to see if a particular retailer is included in the program – just snap and earn! Each receipt earns you a random reward. Be sure to upload your receipt within two weeks of the original purchase.

They also have an online shopping portal that rewards you for starting your on-the-go online shopping trip through the app.

BONUS: Get a $3 reward in-app just for connecting your email account!

20. Your Local Grocery Store

Besides all the best coupon apps mentioned here, you’ll also want to look for the apps at your local grocery stores.

These apps almost always have digital coupons that can be added to your store’s loyalty or rewards card for automatic savings at checkout. Plus, you can often earn rewards like cents off per gallon at a local chain of gas stations.

Check to see if your grocery store’s app has features like barcode scanning to see if an item is on sale or has a corresponding digital coupon, freebie offers, weekly ads, and even online grocery shopping.

Some of the most popular grocery store apps include Kroger, Albertsons (Just4U), Publix, H-E-B, and Whole Foods.

Available on:
iOS and Android, depending on the app

Works for:
in-store purchases

Process: varies, but most
have digital coupons that come off your total when you scan the app or your
store’s loyalty card


Using coupons wisely is a great way to save money. These best coupon apps make it easy to save, not to mention, they’re free!

Try a few of them and see how much you save. Once you get going, you’ll be amazed to see the savings add up!

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