Astrophonica 27 “Renormalization Support Group”


Catégorie : ELECTRO / BREAKS
Artist(s) : Nikki Nair
Label(s) : Astrophonica
Format :12” LTD
Atlanta resident Nikki Nair invites you to join his new 4 track EP on Astrophonica – ‘Renormalization Support Group’. It’s a place where we can share our experiences via the help of Nikki’s special ‘not quite sure what you call it’ bass lead Electro Breakbeat programme.

Track one is ‘Plug’ – An uptempo low slung booty shaker which will have sound engineers scrambling at cables and faders trying to work out wtf is going on. We’ve all been there so let’s talk about it.

Track two is ‘Where Are U’ and encourages us to ask ourselves that question through the exploration of full speed Breakbeat Electro. If we know where we are, we can begin to look into where we are going. Probably the dance floor.

Track three is ‘it’s NP-Complicated’ which sets out an uncomplicated blend of bubbling bass and simple sympathetic drums, providing us with a network to feel more empowered and to build a sense of community.

Track four is ‘Donut Time’ – Well done for finishing the course! You can congratulate yourself with a donut full of squelchy acid jam, glazed with frosted pads and hi hat sprinkles. 

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