Design of cosmetic products: formulation


This book, which has become an essential reference for both student
training and product innovation, details the major forms developed by
the cosmetics industry, their design and the evaluation of their
stability and sensory properties.

Each chapter provides the reader with operational keys to learn and
understand cosmetic formulation.

This new edition has been enriched with different chapters compared to
the previous editions and is therefore structured in 4 main parts to
make it easier to read.

The first part concerns the formulation environment and includes 5
chapters. They allow to address the important points during product
development: issues, regulations, stability, sensoriality and safety of
the cosmetic product.

The second part presents and details the main categories of formula
chassis and includes two new chapters on solid cosmetics.

The third part presents make-up in all its forms and for all
applications in a well-documented way.

The fourth and last part deals with the specific formulation of
sunscreen products and the in vitro evaluation methods to evaluate them.


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