Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L),SYSBEL

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14 21 22 87 3 Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L),SYSBEL
Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) Product description:
SYSBEL supply high quality safety cabinets:
*Made of 18 Gauge steel plate
*38mm insulate temperature space between two plate
*Epoxy Resin Paint
*Two ventilation hole at both sides of cabinet

Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) Specification:

SYSBEL SCS Specification
Capacity(Gal/L) Door Type



Packing Size


Adjustable Shelves

Shelf Loading Capacity(Kgs.)

G.W.(Kgs.) Yellow Model Red Model Blue Model
45/170 Two/Manual 165×109×46 182×120×57 2 100 133 WA810450 / /

Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) Product certificate:
13 33 11 59 3 Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L),SYSBEL
FM certificate,CE certificate; Accord with(OSHA) OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 & (NFPA) NFPA CODE 30
13 33 38 77 3 Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L),SYSBEL

SYSBEL commit ourselves to research and manufacture world’s leading Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |price|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |specification|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |parameter|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |manufacturer. You can buy sysbel Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |price|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |specification|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |parameter|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |manufacturer from our distributor all over the world.

SYSBEL Australia Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) factory
16 40 45 54 3 Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L),SYSBEL

SYSBEL is a member of WESTINGAREA. As a company who always pay attention to the society and environment, SYSBEL commit ourselves to research and manufacture world’s leading SCS|SPCC|PPE|EWS products. We have distributor all over the world, which is convenient for you to buy our products.


SYSBEL website: www.sysbel.com

SYSBEL catalogue: Catalogue

Contact SYSBEL
Work Time: Mon-Fri 8: 30-17: 30

Int’l Sales
T: +86-4008-94-8808 Ext 8100; +86-21-68619115
F: +86-21-68619118
E: sales.global#sysbel.com
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Add: Westingarea Building,1 Meisheng Rd,
Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai 200131, P.R.C.


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China Sales:

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West and Middle of China, Northeast China, Zhejiang, Shandong:
T: 021-68619108-5858 E: sysbel_ts04#sysbel.com

Please contact us if you have any interest on Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |price|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |specification|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |parameter|Flammable Cabinet(45Gal/170L) |manufacturer
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Localisation : WESTINGAREA Building, No.1 Meisheng Road, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Shanghai, P.R.C., 200131 shanghai,
Personne à contacter : Benson Pu, +86 21 68619115

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