Italienne Production de Art Mobilier, Design et Antiquités en l’Indonésie

categ maison1.jpg Italienne Production de Art Mobilier, Design et Antiquités en l'Indonésie

The Photo Represents an Example of a Large and Monumental Sideboard, in Solid Mahogany Wood, Handmade Manufactured and Sculpted, Finished Lacquered and Leaf Gilded Manually, as from Old Italian Tradition, the Sideboard be divided into 2 bodies (of Lower and Upper part) The Approximate Dimensions are: 280 cm of height X 240 cm in length X 60 cm of width, But Are Possible: other Wood with other Prices (Teak, Cedar, Rosewood, Ebony, etc. etc.) other Measures, Models, Finished … The Indicative Prices, Start at $ 10.000 for a 20 FT Container, Where you can put About 4 pieces, with a Unit Cost of Approximately USD 2.500 Each

… … … … … … … … … …

We are from 1990 an Italian Indonesian Company … with an consolidated Collaboration of an local Association that grouped more Furniture Manufacturing Firms of the Sectors the : Antiques Reproductions, Design and Contemporary Art, that will Distinguished for Certificate high Quality of the Products and Experience, The Main Activities are in the Prevalence Specialized in the Handmade Manufacturing in Solid Natural Wood, but also various other materials, the all over with Finishes of Exclusively Natural Product & Materials of the Original Antique Italian Tradition, in particular Venetian & Florentine Art, such as Lacquering, Gilding & Silvering leaf, Paintings, Shellac & Beeswax, all Strictly Hand Made … … … . The Founder and the Management are Italian, with Indonesia Craftsmen and artists, with high experience of Family Generations of Art & Antiques Business in the field of Artistic Production & Import Export Market in the World … … … .

Please, For all Possible Information & Requests, Please, Contact Us for More Detail … … … .

Meantime Visit Our Website to make you a General Idea about our Production

Localisation : Jalan Solo Yogyakarta, 57168 Sukoharjo,
Personne à contacter : Giuseppe Claudio, +62(0)82136108879



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